How Many Photos Do My Ecommerce Products Need?

When selling on a virtual platform, it’s imperative that you have enough photos to get an accurate idea of what a product looks like, how it behaves, and in what context you could use it. The benefits of brick and mortar retail stores offering the ability to pick up and carefully look at a product are slowly diminishing, as a majority of companies are gaining favor to eCommerce platforms for their sales. Because of this, the desire for accurate and beautiful imagery increases, and therefore so do the general requirements for product photos.

In a nutshell, you really only need one, but…

…it’s not that simple. Incredibly detailed and intricate products benefit from multiple photos presenting angle, detail, unique curves, and specific functions. Where some minimalistic designed products could be accurately portrayed in a single image. Each unique aspect should be carefully considered when preparing your products for eCommerce photography. At the root though, you really only need one. It should be powerful, authentic, and of high quality.

One outstanding picture is better than 10 mediocre ones.

Your product shelf, either virtual or tangible, should reflect the best of your products, not the worst. If your product photography is of low quality, your potential customers may attribute this to a poor quality product. Consider this, a person doesn’t walk into a store, pick up a product, and look at it with sunglasses on that have gotten foggy and speckled with raindrops, that person is likely to take off their sunglasses for a clearer view. The same should be said for your photography. 10 dark, blurry images taken at unflattering angles will still look poor compared to one well lit, clear product picture.

Aim for common angles, or consider a robust option.

Naturally, having a photo of the front of your product would be the bare minimum. A few other angles are recommended; one of the back, or one up close for instance. Photos that show certain features; like a clasp or a zipper, give a good idea of function and useability to customers browsing your shop. There are more customized options as well, such as lifestyle imagery that shows products in a live setting, often with the addition of models using them. Or for very detailed products, when still photos may not be enough, a 360° video can be produced for interactive e-commerce visuals.

The goal is to wow your customers

Beautiful imagery is in itself an art form and can be the catalyst to heartfelt emotions, intense feelings, and engaging memories. With this in mind, if your product photos don’t wow your customers, they’re missing out on providing impact. The more prosperous your product collection, the more appealing your photography should be.

Where do product photographers come in?

Hopefully right at the beginning. When your products are ready in their final production stages and prepared for launch in your storefront. Product photographers like myself take your brand image, vision, and product goals and create the set that will highlight your items in their best light. Following intricate, well-learned guidelines, we take the time to plan and scale your project to provide those quality photos you can gladly use. Be it clean concise product shots on white backdrops to stand out, or fantastic lifestyle imagery to tell a story, it’s up to product photographers like me to make those products shine.