About the Brand

Roxport Media develops content on several levels to an increasing amount of clientele. Three primary service options, including Photography, Digital Design, and Writing are carefully woven together into comprehensive packages aimed at providing cohesion and clarity in branding and advertising options.

Digital Design options include social media graphics, advertising content, and billboard media. Published writing works include books, training manuals, web content, and corporate presentations. For an in-depth look at all available media assets, reach out with any questions and booking queries.

Food Photography 88
Product Photography 94
Commercial Photography 82
Interior Photography 86
Writing 92
Graphic Design 80

About Roxy

With a passionate dedication for over nine years, Roxy has honed in on well-curated and vibrant photography in and around Toronto, with multiple featured works, and proudly published content worldwide in various exhibitions, magazines, and events. Roxport Media has paved its way to stunning locations including France, Spain, Germany, The USA, and Greece.

Focusing primarily on product and food photography, but versed in multiple niche markets including interior photography, commercial photography, and portraiture, Roxy’s detailed and perceptive eye aims to connect brands with long-lasting impactful media.